• To bring community trust back and to preserve Arlington's history.
    THE CHANGE WE NEED To bring community trust back and to preserve Arlington's history.
  • To Maintain Arlington's Spirit And keep the community informed
    THE CHANGE WE NEED To Maintain Arlington's Spirit And keep the community informed

A little bit about me

Who is Don Vanney Jr.?


I am a proud lifelong resident of Arlington! I was born here, graduated from Arlington High and was raised in the very home I reside in now. I love this town so much; I have never left!

It is my belief that the citizens of Arlington would be best served by a local candidate. Someone from here with a lifetime investment in the community. Someone who has knowledge of the city’s historical past and its unique appeal as an ideal place to live, work and raise a family.

Don Vanny for Mayor - Portrait

My Profile Overview

My name is Don Vanney Jr. and I’m announcing my candidacy for the position of Mayor of Arlington. Over the course of the last few years I’ve come to feel strongly that the town I’ve spent my entire life in is headed in the wrong direction under current leadership. I’ve witnessed firsthand the abandonment of the downtown area and that, along with our schools, has been the lifeblood of our community. I feel strongly that it is my civic duty to become more involved and facilitate a significant change in the current state of affairs. Therefore, consider this my official declaration to enter the Arlington mayoral race for the November 5th, 2019 election. As Mayor it’s my clear intention to bring my beloved town back into the hands of the people.

I was born in Arlington in 1959 to my now deceased parents Don Sr. and Norine Vanney. Life for me began in the Arlington Heights area. I entered the world as the 3rd of 4 sons — there were my brothers Joe, Scott, and Mike and along with adopted siblings brother Jerry and sister Melissa, we happily spent our youth roaming the beautiful Stilly Valley countryside northeast of town. My mother, herself a lifelong resident, worked at the Blue Bird cafe in her youth and later on she worked at JCPenney’s during a time when it wasn’t unusual for major retailers to have satellite stores in small rural towns. Following that, Mom worked at the old Thrifty Foods grocery store, now Grocery Outlet, located near Haller Park situated on the banks of the Stilly. Mom finished up her working career employed by the Arlington School District. In 1975 my parents purchased the house on South Olympic Ave. where I now reside with my wife Kathy and brother Jerry. Every single holiday season, without fail, locals and curious onlookers countywide, routinely drive through downtown Arlington, up Olympic Hill and travel southbound towards Highland Drive, where they arrive outside the Vanney family home. Commonly known as Holiday House, young and old are enraptured by the sprawling, elaborate holiday of the day decorations covering the house and property. It’s been a longtime tradition started by my mother, enjoyed by scores of people for over 40 years, and continues today with help of my wife Kathy and brother Jerry. There are scores of town folk over 4 decades who know Jerry from his 35 years volunteering at Cascade Valley Hospital.

It’s my belief the citizens of Arlington would be best served by a local candidate, someone from here, someone with a lifetime investment in the community and with knowledge of the city’s historical past and its unique appeal as an ideal place to live, work, and raise families educated in the Arlington School District. The schools are the heartbeat of the town where there is incredible local pride in the development of our youth that includes a vested interest in the success of our boys’ and girls’ athletic teams. With downtown being the priority, it’s my vision to work inside out, to regain the vibrant business environment the city once enjoyed. At the same time, we can further explore opportunities in the Smokey Point area including the thriving Airport and surrounding vicinity. My primary consideration is a prosperous downtown that keeps residents from leaving the city limits to have their needs met.

The first order of business will be to reestablish trust in our civic leaders. We’ll actively seek out and attract new enterprises to town and build upon current local commercial entities with a profoundly positive business environment. Business leaders will find an open-minded administration, a willingness to work with others, and encouraging open discussions on all varieties of topics of concern to our constituents. Facing a multitude of issues, we’ll address infrastructure with respect to roadway improvements and traffic issues. I will address head-on tough social issues like the ongoing drug crisis, particularly with our youth, and also deal in a humane way the pervasive problem of increased homelessness.

Although I’ve never held public office, I feel uniquely qualified as the only candidate with 5 decades of passion for my hometown and surely am the only direct conduit in the race to the great and renowned leaders of Arlington’s bygone days. I grew up with these legendary figures from administration’s in the past, had relationships with them and their families, attended schools with their children. As one of them, I’d like to believe it’s my candidacy these Arlington legends would endorse.

The feelings I have for Arlington is shared by all resident’s past and present, you may leave town but the town never really leaves you. In unison we all want Arlington to succeed. I invite all citizens of our big little town to join my campaign and work with me to take our city back. Together we’ll compel this cherished community to flourish above and beyond what it once did. While always paying homage to its glorious past it’s important to look to the future and strive earnestly to leave this a better place for our children and grandchildren. And it’s my steadfast belief that I, Don Vanney Jr. is the right man for the job at exactly the right time for Arlington.

My mission and vision

Transform Arlington’s current state to adhere and align with what the people want.

Promote Transparency

Have an open-door policy, promote accountability, and fight corruption.

Regain Trust

In our local businesses and with you, the citizens!

Economic Growth

Work to bring quality businesses to Arlington and surrounding areas while aiding existing businesses with the support they need.

Cut Unncessary Fees

Make our government financially accountable.

Bring Leadership

To provide our City administration and service departments with the leadership and tools needed to promote excellence.

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Gallery of Community Events

My community involvement includes 30+ years volunteering and coaching athletes for Special Olympics in basketball, volleyball and track and field with teams participating annually in the State’s Fall, Winter, and Spring tournaments. I feel that this is a very important activity for these athletes, to help keep them active and healthy, as well as a social interaction with friends, family, as well as other athletes from around the state. I personally enjoy the excitement of their great achievements when they participate in these events regardless of winning or losing. There is always a great big smile and hug. I have had the great privilege of being awarded the Volunteer of the Year from the Marysville Special Olympics Program, as well as the Snohomish County Children’s Commission Award.

Vanney Spirit

Each holiday marks a time when my family and I make something special out of our home to bring enjoyment to the community. It’s about more than just decorating for friends and family to see; it’s about decorating to bring enjoyment to the general public and passers-by. The spirit that we show and hard work that my wife, my brother Jerry, and myself put in each and every holiday is just one component to the overall dedication that I strive to achieve and will continue to strive for throughout this election and for the future to come.

Vanney Spirit Arlington Times Article

Want to read more about the Vanney Spirit? View the Arlington Times write-up.

My Mayoral Platform

  1. Re-establish Arlington’s existing Mayor Council form of Government – where the Council has the ability to review issues, discuss and vote equally on the issues. The Mayor’s position is part-time and is only required to vote on issues when there is a tie vote.
  2. We need to make sure our Public Works (Streets, Storm, Water, Sewer, Parks, Fire, Police and Airport), as well as Staffing in all City Departments, are up to date and able to serve our existing community before we add further High-Density Housing.
  3. Support the Arlington Police Department, the Community Outreach Team and the Arlington Fire Department as they continue their work – especially as it relates to Domestic Violence, Homelessness and the Opiate Crisis.
  4. Make Arlington’s Downtown Stronger – work on recruitment of additional businesses to fill the needs of the community – such as another grocery store and more businesses to support an increasing labor force and residential population.
  5. Regain trust in our local Government for the Citizens of Arlington and all of the Stilly Valley.
  6. Create a better working environment within the Arlington City Council – that allows transparency and a collaboration – keeping the public informed and encouraging open discussions regarding issues that are of a concern to the community.
  7. Encourage citizens to be involved in local government by: registering to vote, bringing issues to City Staff and Council members and attending public meetings where their voices will be heard.
  8. Support City Staff and allow them to do their Jobs – One of Arlington’s greatest assets are the number of long term City Employees who amongst them carry a vast knowledge of the inner workings of the City. It has been frustrating to watch as we have lost employees to other jurisdictions because of the micromanagement that is occurring.

Latest News

The top three issues that I see that we are facing are:

  1. Growth. Growth is something that all of us will have to deal with. I’m all for this growth as long as we plan for the growth properly. I feel we need to look first of all where we can grow, and once these areas are identified I feel we need to at that time start the discussion with those communities early and involve them with the planning of the growth that will affect them.
  2. Infrastructure to support the growth. I feel that infrastructure needs to be addressed in the planning stages of future growth to ensure parties have a plan in place for development and growth. There needs to be more accountability for planning for growth to avoid the traffic issues we experience today.  We must also take more consideration of the water & sewer supply requirements and emergency services.
  3. Opiate/Homelessness concerns. I am encouraged by the results that we are seeing with Embedded Social Worker with our Law Enforcement and would like to see this program fully funded for its continued success. I will offer all the assistance I can to continue this program in efforts to solve our community’s issues in this area.

Being a lifelong citizen of Arlington, I feel that we need to bring our city back to its historical values while at the same time prepare for growth where families want to raise their children and shop locally for all their needs.

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Get in touch

Have any questions, concerns, or general inquiries? I’m here for the community and would love to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out to me directly using the form below or via email at [email protected]. Prefer a phone call? I’d love to chat. Call or text me at +1 360.474.3639 and we can have a discussion.

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