• To bring community trust back and to preserve Arlington's history.
    THE CHANGE WE NEED To bring community trust back and to preserve Arlington's history.
  • To bring community trust back and to preserve Arlington's history.
    THE CHANGE WE NEED To bring community trust back and to preserve Arlington's history.

A little bit about me

Who is Don Vanney Jr.?


I am a proud lifelong resident of Arlington! I was born here, graduated from Arlington High and was raised in the very home I reside in now. I love this town so much; I have never left!

It is my belief that the citizens of Arlington would be best served by a local candidate. Someone from here with a lifetime investment in the community. Someone who has knowledge of the city’s historical past and its unique appeal as an ideal place to live, work and raise a family.


My name is Don Vanney Jr. and I’m announcing my candidacy for the position of Mayor of the City of Arlington in 2023.

I was born in Arlington in 1959 to Don Sr. and Norine Vanney. As a lifelong Arlington resident, I happily spent my youth roaming the beautiful Stilly Valley countryside in and around Arlington. Over the course of the last few years, I’ve come to realize that the residents of the once small town I’ve spent my entire life in are wanting a change from our current leadership. With the present state of rapid growth and development happening in our community, I feel our Administration needs to be communicating continuously with our schools and businesses so we can better meet our future needs. I feel our businesses and schools are the lifeblood of our community. Therefore, consider this my official declaration to enter the Arlington mayoral race for the November 7th, 2023 election. As Mayor it’s my clear intention to bring our beloved town back into the hands of the people.

It is my belief that the citizens of Arlington would be best served by someone local with lifelong ties and a true deep-set investment in the community, as well as someone with knowledge of the city’s historical past and its unique appeal as an ideal place to live and work. With Downtown, and Smokey Point being the priority, it’s my vision to work inside out, to keep the vibrant business environment the city has enjoyed but at the same time, further explore opportunities in the Smokey Point area in conjunction with our thriving Airport and surrounding vicinity.

The first order of business will be to reestablish trust in our civic leadership and build upon current local commercial entities with a profoundly positive business environment. Business leaders will find an open-minded administration, a willingness to work with others, and encouragement of open discussions on a wide variety of topics. Facing a multitude of issues, we’ll address infrastructure with respect to roadway improvements and traffic issues.

I will address head-on tough social issues like the ongoing drug crisis, particularly with our youth, and also deal, in a humane way, with the pervasive problem of increased homelessness.

The feelings I have for Arlington are shared by all resident’s past and present. You may leave town, but the town never really leaves you. I believe we all want the same thing – we want Arlington to be that place with a small hometown feel, a place where our families can grow and be proud to call home. I invite all citizens of our big little town to join my campaign and work with me to make our city a place we can be proud of.

Together we will compel this cherished community to flourish above and beyond what it once did. While always paying homage to its storied past, it’s important to look to the future and strive earnestly to leave this a better place for our children and grandchildren.

It is my steadfast belief that I, Don Vanney Jr. am the right candidate for the job at exactly the right time for Arlington.

Accomplishments / Service

  • 4 years Arlington City Council member
  • Association of Washington Cities Certificate of Municipal Leadership
  • Advanced Certificate of Municipal Leadership
  • Arlington LEOFF 1, Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters Retirees Board
  • Council Liaison to the Airport Commission
  • Snohomish County Regional Law and Justice Council
  • National League of Cities Federal Public Safety & Crime Prevention Committee
  • 50-year volunteer with Washington State Special Olympics


I’m proud to be endorsed by,

  • Marilyn Oertle, City Councilmember
  • Michelle Blythe, City Councilmember
  • Yvonne Gallardo-Van Ornam, City Councilmember
  • Senator Val Stevens (Retired)
  • Ryan Larsen, former Arlington City Councilmember
  • Washington State Council of County and City Employees
  • City of Arlington Union represented employees
  • Affordable Housing Coalition

My mission and vision

Transform Arlington’s current state to adhere and align with what the people want.

Promote Transparency

Have an open-door policy, promote accountability, and fight corruption.

Regain Trust

In our local businesses and with you, the citizens!

Economic Growth

Work to bring quality businesses to Arlington and surrounding areas while aiding existing businesses with the support they need.

Cut Unncessary Fees

Make our government financially accountable.

Bring Leadership

To provide our City administration and service departments with the leadership and tools needed to promote excellence.

Interested In Making a Donation?

Are you interested in making a donation? Visit the Donate page or click the button below for donation information. Thank you for your support!

My Community Events Involvement

My community involvement includes 30+ years volunteering and coaching athletes for Special Olympics in basketball, volleyball and track and field with teams participating annually in the State’s Fall, Winter, and Spring tournaments. I feel that this is a very important activity for these athletes, to help keep them active and healthy, as well as a social interaction with friends, family, as well as other athletes from around the state. I personally enjoy the excitement of their great achievements when they participate in these events regardless of winning or losing. There is always a great big smile and hug. I have had the great privilege of being awarded the Volunteer of the Year from the Marysville Special Olympics Program, as well as the Snohomish County Children’s Commission Award.

Vanney Spirit

Each holiday marks a time when my family and I make something special out of our home to bring enjoyment to the community. It’s about more than just decorating for friends and family to see; it’s about decorating to bring enjoyment to the general public and passers-by. The spirit that we show and hard work that my wife, my brother Jerry, and myself put in each and every holiday is just one component to the overall dedication that I strive to achieve and will continue to strive for throughout this election and for the future to come.

Vanney Spirit Arlington Times Article

Want to read more about the Vanney Spirit? View the Arlington Times write-up.

My Mayoral Platform

  1. Support the Arlington Police Department, and the Community Outreach team as they continue their work – especially as it relates to domestic violence, homelessness and the opiate/fentanyl crisis.

  2. Continue to make Arlington’s downtown, as well as Smokey Point, stronger – work on recruitment of additional businesses to fill the needs of the community – such as another grocery store and more businesses to support an increasing labor force and residential population.

  3. Encourage citizens to be involved in local government by: registering to vote, bringing issues to city staff and council members and attending public meetings where their voices will be heard. I will always have an invitingly open-door policy.

  4. Work to regain trust in our local government for the citizens of Arlington and all of the Stilly Valley.

  5. Re-establish Arlington’s existing Mayor Council form of Government – where the Council has the control and the ability to review issues, discuss and vote equally on the issues. The Mayor position is only required to vote on issues when there is a tie vote through the council.

  6. We need to ensure our infrastructure is able to serve our existing community before we add further High-Density Housing and Development. 

  7. We need to ensure we have the staffing in all departments to maintain our parks and streets as well as continue to operate and serve the citizens of Arlington to the level it deserves.

  8. Support City Staff and allow them to do their Jobs – one of Arlington’s greatest assets are the number of long-term city employees who amongst them carry a vast knowledge of the inner workings of the city. It has been frustrating to watch as we lose employees to other jurisdictions. After 12 years with our current mayor, it is time for change!

Need a Yard Sign?

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Get in touch

Have any questions, concerns, or general inquiries? I’m here for the community and would love to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out to me directly using the form below or via email at [email protected]. Prefer a phone call? I’d love to chat. Call or text me at +1 425.308.2073 and we can have a discussion.

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